The art of estimating the future
through fun and pleasure


The art of estimating the future

From ancient times the people wanted to know their future and wanted to know the answers to the questions that bothered them. The way we offer answers to the questions about the future dates back to very ancient times. It is much simpler than guessing the future from a glass ball or a coffee grounds. Plus, as you can see for yourself, it's effective.
How to proceed?
  1. Write your today's question on a piece of paper. Focus your question as to the nature of work or emotion.
  2. Automatically, not counting, we draw eight lines of commas, in rows below each other.
  3. Count the number of commas in each row and write the result.
  4. If you have an even number of commas, mark as:  , if odd: .
  5. Now transfer the results (wheels / balls) so that the result of the fifth row is the next result of the first row, the result of the sixth row next to the second, the result of the seventh row of the third row, the result of the eighth row following the result of the fourth row.
  6. Then add the dots (wheels / balls) from the four newly acquired rows and again, if the result is even, mark:  , if odd:
  7. You get a figure from four rows of bullets placed below each other. Find this figure in the results table, read the description and answer the question based on it.

Be careful, you can only ask one question at one day!

cesta ROAD

Overall meaning: departure, but also a trail that you move step by step. Soon everything will change, new circumstances will complicate your existence. It can mean breaking up (or returning), canceling (choosing), starting something new.
The Work: you are on a path of development that leads to success, provided that you do not want to achieve everything at once. Keep calm, you don't have all the data yet. Wait until you decide and rely more on yourself than on others.
Emotion: the time is heading for something unforeseen. An encounter can change your life and can be the beginning of a great experience. Perspectives of the journey, new acquaintances, but also separations (voluntary or commanded!), Or the return of the person you endow with emotion.


vzostup RISE

Overall meaning: beginning, process, development. It's a good sign, change is coming for the better. Doubts are over, now everything is moving for the better. Look around the situation, follow your intuition and open yourself to others. By participating in the life of the environment, you will also improve your own situation and gain more self-confidence.
The Work: an important symbol indicating social progress, success, but also the need to adhere to the principles of honesty. Matters need to be taken seriously, without which you will achieve nothing. The necessity of choice awaits you, making important decisions. I am allowed to use imagination to create new possibilities. Your time has come.
Emotion: if you use your inner strength, you will fulfill your desires and survive nice moments. Someone will be counting on you. Take responsibility, you are at the beginning of a great period, soon everything will develop harmoniously.



General meaning: elegance, sensuality. It is a sign of harmony and attractiveness, a prediction of great achievements, especially in emotions. Life becomes easier and more enjoyable. It is a symbol of physical and spiritual joys.
The Work: prediction of successes, especially in areas related to art, creativity, aesthetics. Take to heart what you do, look for it pleasantly, but above all do not repeat the same mistakes. The obstacle you have to overcome is passivity.
Emotion: in this sphere, the good influence of this sign will be fully manifested. They will appreciate your charm. Prediction of peace in the heart, attractiveness, love. Take advantage of the pleasant aspects of life! Intimate encounters, flirty, romantic love, heart surrenders.



General meaning: you hit black. It's the best of the figures. It is characterized by harmony, development, imaginativeness, happiness. It predicts the fulfillment of all desires, successes in each area.
The Work: time for fulfilling ambitions, collecting well-deserved rewards. Ask for a salary increase, promotion, start new commitments, arrange a serious conversation. Everything points to a beautiful future, a lasting success. Seize emerging opportunities, fate wishes you.
Emotion: love and happiness go hand in hand. You attract eyes, your charm and enthusiasm make you engage others. Prediction of a happy and lasting bond.


ludia PEOPLE

General meaning: crowd, crowd, uncertainty. You are in thick fog, you are pressed by too many impressions and experiences. In this mess, try to keep your balance and clear mind, separate truth from lies and formulate your own opinion.
The Work: if you have to join the work of a group, the character wishes you well. Take care of your own freedom. Be careful what others say (avoid unnecessary arguing). If you are heading for a personal goal on your own, you are on the wrong way.
Emotion: because the situation is uncertain, there is no need to act in any direction (because in which?). You are currently dependent on others. Don't be stubborn, trust intuition, but don't understand your own desires as reality. Aren't you naive?



General meaning: break, lie, inclination. Evil forces are coming to the vote: the situation is dangerous, a conflict. You are surrounded by duality, gossip, baits. However, this destructive sign is not bad: ruins and distractions will allow you to survive, to survive some kind of failure, the second time you do not make the same mistake. The new situation will already be created on a certain basis. There is no such evil that does not work for good.
The Work: watch out for bad advice and envy. You have to be very careful during this unwilling period. Don't decide headless, choose an easy path and, above all, don't aim for success on someone else's account.
Emotion: it's not good. You are on a path full of lies towards yourself and others.



General meaning: struggle, irritability, need for dominance. This strength can, if escalating, lead to aggression, rebellion, envy and anger. The need for freedom and independence. Beware of exaggeration.
The Work: the situation is tense. You are not indifferent to criticism. You must therefore do, work, be brave. However, if you are confident that you are doing the right thing, you will definitely act. If in doubt - stop!
Emotion: this figure wishes for a love shock and unrest. You can kill yourself in this game of the senses. Courage and boldness will be your trump cards. Jealousy and egoism - weak points. Don't try to reach the goal at all costs.


slava GLORY

General meaning: success. However, it is temporary. The happiness he misses if you don't catch him. Then it will be too late. The sign symbolizes success, but immediately, without affecting other events.
The Work: an opportunity - serious work will lead you to success. But - beware! Don't think you managed to reach the top. You can't rest on your laurels yet. You only have one stage behind you.
Emotion: the prediction of the meeting, but do not look for great lifelong love in it. It's just a flirtation. Take advantage of the laundering circumstances and do not deceive yourself.



General meaning: purity, clarity, satisfaction. Period of change of joy, tolerance, thinking. The best influence on spiritual things, the premise of inner peace.
The Work: this figure does not encourage to act, on the contrary, he slows down his inflammation, he coldly looks at the problem. Start by mitigating conflicts (internal and external). And you will act later.
Emotion: a period of peaceful feeling with good influence. Without passion, but maybe even better, it could have a detrimental effect. Enjoy contacts that are friendly rather than love. He is about to make a happy change.



General meaning: success in every way. Joy of life, optimism, health, all the benefits. The constellation shows all-round development and overall success.
The Work: success conditioned by discipline, work and effort. Wealth is spiritual rather than material. You are positive and full of constructive ideas that should lead to success in what you are trying to achieve.
Emotion: you face happiness in love. It is a good moment to appreciate life. Throw away doubts and enjoy nice moments, don't look for subtexts, Joy is the easiest way to gain sympathy even in love.



General meaning: excellent character. In the field of material enrichment, improving the situation and in addition satisfaction. Nobility and respect in feelings.
The Work: the prospect of success opens up. Affection and zeal on the part of superiors. Loyalty, decency and your ambition will bring you success.
Emotion: someone is approaching you. The circle of friends is expanding, the chances of someone liking you are growing. Your feelings will become hotter and more mature. Predict understanding in every way.


stretnutie MEETING

General meaning: harmony, love, favor. A good sign talking about connection, complementarity, agreement and satisfaction. You need to connect with someone who is heading for the same goal to achieve it. Everything that goes in a similar direction is now suitable.
The Work: you are on the right track, but if you want to achieve yours, you must arm yourself with diplomacy, finesse, the ability to adapt. You can work in associations, make contacts. Share your opinion, make a joint decision, avoid tension. Don't play the lone knight!
Emotion: meeting forecast. Harmony prevails in love and friendship (or it can return). Loneliness is behind you. You need to be more open to your surroundings and talk honestly with your loved one.


cerven RED

General meaning: conflicts, rebellion, violence. Fire of passion, the color of the explosion. This figure shows that if you want to accelerate change, you must unconditionally act, obey your instincts, boldly let yourself be carried by impulsivity.
The Work: what did not move from the place for a while suddenly moves, or disappears at all. Work that stretches to infinity, duties, all that hampers you, can no longer be sustained. Ending this indicates the possibility of a quick recovery. Be smart and act fast.
Emotion: say what you think (good and bad). However, watch out for possible conflicts, expressions of anger, but passion also consists of these things.


smutok SADNESS

General meaning: melancholy, disgust. Sad thoughts, resignation, unfortunately, but you must not immerse yourself in it. The output still starts at the bottom. Your bad mood stems from fears that you did something wrong and you are not up to the task. Stop dramatizing, mobilize courage.
The Work: hostility of the environment or closing in on oneself. You're on a deceptive path, maybe you're even heading for a fall. You are pressed by problems, you do not see a way out of the situation. Define your position. This inner work on yourself will allow you to find yourself and add confidence.
Emotion: sadness and black thoughts. If you don't meet love, it's because you just don't observe it. You have to get out of your shell, smile (even if it's hard on your heart) and meet the needs of others. Don't tell anyone about your difficulties, try to look at the world optimistically, neither joy nor sadness lasts forever.


strata LOSE

General meaning: bad figure. Decline, failure. You can lose what you have: lose profits, disgust others. This "loss" can change your view of the world. You have to wait for strength and start acting again later.
The Work: fatigue or indifference, weakness or overwork. You're in a bad situation. The commitment (currently) is doomed to failure. You can't convince anyone, don't resist.
Emotion: someone or something got out of hand. Relationships will deteriorate. Something is ending. And what about that? You will start again!



General meaning: the loneliness of one's own accord or coercion. It means bondage, loss of freedom, obstacles. Either you seize them or you pull them out.
The Work: you stand against yourself. You have a task ahead of you that requires concentration, intransigence. If you can't do it, think about it. Maybe you're overestimating yourself? Maybe it's underestimated? Think about what mistakes you made and you will not repeat them again.
Emotion: the loneliness and love do not go hand in hand. The cause is your selfishness and loneliness is now pushing and burdening you. You need to look deep into your conscience and start again, on healthier foundations.

The noblest art is that of making others happy

P. T. Barnum

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